Your Real Estate Buying Process in Mauritius as an Expat

Discover Mauritius: Your New Expat and Investment Paradise

Imagine living on a tropical island, where the exotic landscapes harmoniously blend with the infrastructure of a modern country. Mauritius, a gem in the Indian Ocean, offers this unique reality.

- Time Proximity to Europe: Thanks to our time zone nearly identical to Europe's (GMT+4), stay closely connected with your loved ones and business without the usual jet lag.

- Bilingualism and International Culture: Navigate easily in a bilingual environment. English, the official and banking language, and French, the everyday language, create a welcoming setting for expats.

- Educational Excellence: Provide your children with world-class education at our English and French international schools. Our French high school, one of the best outside France, boasts a 100% success rate in the baccalaureate.

- First-Class Healthcare: Enjoy modern, high-end clinics, ensuring the well-being of you and your family.

- Exceptional Air Connectivity: Travel easily between Europe, South Africa, and Asia with excellent air connections.

- Attractive Taxation: Benefit from exceptionally advantageous taxation - personal and corporate taxes capped at 15%, no wealth tax, capital gains tax, dividends tax, or inheritance tax.

- Stability and Peace: Enjoy a serene life in a democratic and peaceful country, where security and peace of mind prevail.

- Easy Access to Residence: Obtain a permanent residence permit with a minimum real estate investment of 375,000 USD.

- An Idyllic Living Environment: Mauritius is not just a place of residence; it's an invitation to a luxurious lifestyle. Dive into a world where water sports, world-renowned kitesurf spots, fishing, breathtaking landscapes, and international golf courses await you.

Mauritius is not just a destination; it's a lifestyle choice. Come live your Mauritian dream.

Step by Step: Your Real Estate Buying Process in Mauritius as an Expat

1. Property Selection and Purchase Offer:

   - Once you've identified the property that meets all your expectations, we proceed to draft a purchase offer. This document formalizes your intention to buy and the sale conditions.

   - The offer is drafted to reflect agreements between you, the buyer, and the seller.

2. Signing of the Purchase Offer:

   - After thorough review, the purchase offer is signed by you and the seller, confirming the agreement on the sale terms.

3. Selection and Involvement of the Notary:

   - Together, we select a notary to draft the sale agreement and to carry out all necessary legal checks.

4. Signing of the Sale Agreement and Payment of the Deposit:

   - The sale agreement is signed by all parties. At this stage, a 10% deposit is paid into the notary's escrow account.

5. Application for Purchase Authorization with the EDB:

   - A purchase authorization request is submitted to Mauritius' Economic Development Board (EDB), a process that can take between 2 and 4 months.

6. Signing of the Deed of Sale and Payment of Funds:

   - Before signing the deed of sale, the full funds must be transferred to the notary's escrow account, with proof of fund origin.

7. Handover of Keys and Property Acquisition:

   - Signing the deed of sale marks the handover of keys, and you officially become the property owner in Mauritius.

8. Acquisition of the Permanent Residence Permit:

   - A property valued over 375,000 dollars entitles you to a permanent residence permit for you and your family, a process of about 3 to 4 months.

This buying process, designed for simplicity and security, leads you to acquiring a dream property in Mauritius. Our team is here to guide you through every step of this exciting process.